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WINDEAcare is, with its partner companies Klinikum Oldenburg and IQ.medworks, currently the only service provider that already has fundamental experiences in the practical implementation of legal, telemedicine services in the offshore sector.

The telemedicine center at the Klinikum Oldenburg is operating since March 2015. It is the first of its kind in all of Germany and is thus pioneering. The telemedicine sector is staffed by specially trained and well experienced physicians from the university clinic of Anesthesiology, who can also request councils from all other specialist divisions of the clinic, if needed. This ensures maximum medical care at the highest quality level.     

The telemedicine centre at the Klinikum Oldenburg offers :

  • A legal secure system for teleconsulting
  • A well integrated system into the entire rescue chain
  • A guideline-compliant , algorithm-based acute and emergency medicine
  • Help and delegation of medical questions to medical specialists
  • Specially trained emergency medical aid specialists with a high degree of implementation experience in communication and human management
  • Specialists of all disciplines represented at the Klinikum Oldenburg as consultants
  • Transfer of all emergency medical vital data as well as audiovisual communication in real time
  • data privacy compliant long-term storage of all medical data

The technical equipment is tested several times and comprehensively and successfully in offshore duty. The algorithms and procedures required for this are proven and tested and are subject to constant practice adaptation by the partners involved in the implementation.

Generally, there are two areas of application for the offshore sector, for which suitable procedures are provided:

Acute medical / general medical consulting without potential vital threat

Medical care is particularly important for employees in the offshore sector. Indisposed staff can be a significant risk during the work – for the individual concerned and for his colleagues. Therefore, it must be possible for all employees to seek medical advice for medical questions. This is ensured by the implementation of telemedical care. As an alternative to the consultation, only the transport ashore of the patient is often left. Together with local medical staff, many problems of offshore everyday life can be solved satisfactorily with telemedicine on site.        

Emergency medical consultation with potential vital threat

Due to the geographical location of the offshore work areas, there is a significantly delayed intervention of professional rescue services supplied from onshore . The resulting “therapy-free interval” is to be bridged by telemedical consultation to the extent that by guidance of first aid offshore or rescue assistant/emergency medical personnel also extended measures can be taken and – especially a first aid – guided by the tele emergency physician. In this context, it should be mentioned that in case of higher attendance figures, the usage probability increases and the efficiency in medical care is substantially improved by a rescue assistant/emergency medical personnel and a significantly higher legal certainty can be generated.



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