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Paramedic on site

To provide wind farm employees with a sense of security and wellbeing, they must be able to access medical advice at all times. In addition, the first response in an emergency must be quick. These tasks handled by the paramedic bridge the gap between first aid and the emergency medical care of a physician. The paramedic is integrated into the wind farm’s operations and assumes an essential role in the practice of preventive medicine. They can at any time seek the advice of an emergency physician in the form of telemedical consultation, so that they can perform any necessary treatments, especially in life-threatening emergencies, until the arrival of the emergency rescue team, including those which are normally reserved to physicians, such as providing powerful analgesic treatment.

Medical Equipment

If the offshore wind farm has a room with non-medical furniture and an internet connection, WINDEAcare will provide medical equipment, taking into account the following guidelines:

  • ASR A4.3 first aid facilities, resources and equipment for first aid,
  • GUV-I 512 data sheet for first aid materials,
  • GUV-I 662 medical facilities in businesses
  • BGI 509 first aid in businesses
  • BGI 829 first aid handbook
  • DGUV recommendation “First Aid in Wind Farms”
  • Directory of maritime medical equipment
  • NOGEPA Guidelines no. 4 rev 2 „Rendering first aid on mining installations“
  • risk assessment
  • full emergency equipment both mobile and stationary (incl. defibrillator, respirator, etc.)
  • telemedicine terminal coupled to secure transmission of vital data and audio/visual communication

The list of medications to be stocked will be agreed in advance with the company doctor of the client and integrated into the telemedical consultation system. The liability for the paramedics, medical equipment and telemedicine consultation remains with WINDEAcare. The paramedic is responsible for the facilities and equipment.

Hygiene Monitoring

The paramedic can also monitor the hygiene status of pre-defined work areas of offshore wind farms. This includes fresh water and food inspections as well as the general state of cleanliness.

Additional Duties

If necessary, the paramedic may perform other related functions on the wind farm, unless they hamper their ability to provide 24/7 emergency care.

According to a pre-agreed training plan, the paramedic will conduct skill and drill training sessions with the staff of the wind farm and lead necessary refresher training for offshore emergency responders.

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