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The Concept

Providing medical care to workers on offshore wind farms is an important component of wind farm safety. Because a colleague who does not feel well can be a safety risk! In addition to work-related accidents, illnesses can occur at any time, from a slight cold to strokes or heart attacks or even major trauma. But medical infrastructure like that on land is not readily available in offshore work environments.

While previous concepts only offered individual modules, WINDEAcare now offers a holistic and practical medical care concept. We provide appropriate assistance from minor ailments that can be diagnosed and treated via telemedicine to life-threatening injuries and difficult rescue situations. Numerous experienced and established service providers have come together in close partnership to provide this comprehensive range of services. We offer a unique, interdisciplinary combination of expertise in the fields of medicine, emergency services, nautical sciences, aviation and wind energy.

Klinikum Oldenburg AöR
Medical supervision
Research & development

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.
VENTUSmedic offshore wind farm emergency medical dispatch & support center
On-site paramedics on the wind farms
Crisis intervention team

Northern HeliCopter GmbH
Offshore helicopter rescue with medical crews

WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG
Marketing & sales
Organizational and process management

IQ.medworks GmbH
Interdisciplinary emergency management consulting

EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH
Maritime support for VENTUSmedic emergency medical dispatch & support center
Nautical and maritime consulting

WINDEAcare is no separate company, but a product that exists through cooperation of the partner companies, each of whom acting independently. The product WINDEAcare is sold by WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG.


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